Aerial Virtual Reality

Cornerstone Mapping offers an innovative way to view our landscape without having to be in an airplane. Virtual reality is also known as VR360. We mount the camera on the airplane and call it Fly360. The Fly360 videos can be used for marketing purposes, creating an immersive experience, and for emergency response. The Fly360’s are shot in high-definition 4k video.

Emergency Response

Severe flooding causes devastating damage and creates a crisis for emergency responders. However, our Fly360 capabilities enable decision-makers to view the extent of the damage as if they were in the airplane themselves. The Fly360 videos are posted online and can be made private for internal viewing only or made public. The immersive virtual reality can be viewed on your desktop or mobile device.

Try out Fly360 which was flown over the Missouri River after the 2019 flooding.

If you are on your desktop: Click-and-Drag your mouse to change the viewing angle.

If you are on a mobile device: Move the mobile device up-down and left-right to change the viewing angle.