Cornerstone Mapping, Inc. announced that their latest survey ready aircraft, a Cessna Turbo 206 (Stationair) has completed its first successful survey mission.  Cornerstone’s addition of a FAA approved camera hole is capable of large-format camera payloads.  Equipped with a Track’Air SteadyTrack camera mount the sensor is stabilized in 3-axis to optimize image quality.  The 20-inch camera hole provides us with the flexibility of many sensor options.  Plus, there is a smaller camera hole where a second sensor such as our thermal camera can be mounted for a dual-sensor collection.  The cameras and SteadyTrack mount are driven by the Applanix POS/AV and POStrack equipment providing an airborne GPS/IMU solution and flight navigation.

UltraCam installed in a SteadyTrack mount with Applanix POSAV and POStrack.